Virtual Winterschool 2020

Virtual RoHan DAAD SDG Winterschool 2020

“Catalysis as Key towards Sustainable Resource Management”

08th -09th of Dezember 2020, 9-11 am CET


Current and past RoHan scholarship holders from Germany, Vietnam and Indonesia will present their research as well as their experience inside the RoHan Graduate School. Experts from outside and inside are invited to extend the RoHan network. New information about the next RoHan phase and future scholarships will be given. Scientists, Professors and students all around the world are invited to get in touch with the RoHan Alumnis as well as the coordinators in Vietnam and Germany!


Tuesday 8th December

09:00     Dr. Dirk Hollmann – RoHan Graduate School: Past, Present and Future (UR, Germany)

09:20     Prof. Le Minh Thang – Introduction to the RoHan/GeViCat studies, research and facilities (HUST, Vietnam)

09:40     Doan Anh Tuan – Hybrid Cu-Fe/SAPO-34 catalyst prepared by liquid ion-exchange for NOx removal by NH3-SCR process (HUST, Vietnam)

10:00     Apl.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Pleissner – Non-sterile fermentation of food waste with indigenous consortium and yeast (Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany)

10:20     Rizki Rilda Aulia – Mercury (Hg) Removal of Leachate from Soil Washing Using GAC Adsorbend Impregnated with Fe and Ce (Chevron Pacific Indonesia)

10:40     Ngo Anh Binh – In situ studies on the effect of formaldehyde in Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx on V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalysts (LIKAT Rostock, Germany)


Wednesday 9th December

9:00       Prof. Dr. Peter Huy – Organocatalysis meets Nucleophilic Substitution: Carbon Heteroatom Bond Formation in Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability (UR, Germany)

9:20       Dr. Adri Huda – Sn3O4: a promising photocatalytic material for environmental applications (Department of Chemistry, University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

9:40       Nguyen Ngoc Mai – Environmentally friendly process for producing regenerated cellulose films (UR, Germany)

10:00     Dr. Tuan Thanh Dang – Efficient Synthesis of Azaindoles and Carbolines by Sequential Site-selective Pd-catalyzed C–C and C–N Coupling Reactions (VNU-HUS, Germany)

10:20     Do Trung Hieu – Modification of natural zeolites to have suitable acid sites for etherification reaction in green chemistry (UR, Germany)

10:40     Dr. Esteban Mejía –Persistent Radical Cations as Metal-Free Catalysts for Aerobic Oxidative Coupling Reactions (LIKAT Rostock, Germany)

The event is free of charge, but it is requested to register via

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