Cooperation partner in Rostock

University of Rostock

The University of Rostock participates with three faculties: the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMN) and the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (AUF) and the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research, Department Life, Light & Matter (LLM). In the chemistry department, there is a long experience in the field of homogeneous, heterogeneous catalysis and biocatalysis. Organic chemistry comprises coupling, cyclization reactions, and building block chemistry. Other experience comprises catalysis for biomass conversion, enzyme catalysis, hydrogen formation from sustainable feedstock, semiconductor research and electro catalysis.  The focus of the AUF lies on the sustainable use of resources in coastal agricultural landscapes, what includes the sectors plant, soil, water and its relations and interfaces. From the AUF the professorships “Waste Management and Material Flow” (ASW) and “Geodesy and Geoinformatics” (GG) are involved in the project activities and research. Cooperation between LIKAT and ASW exists in the field utilization of CO2 from bioenergy plants.

Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT)...

The Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT) is the largest publicly funded research institute in Europe in the area of applied catalysis. The main objectives range from the acquisition of new knowledge in catalysis research to its technical utilization. The institute research activity comprises e.g. investigation of applied sustainable processes of catalysis and innovative methods and technologies for catalysis. For Vietnam, especially the sustainable use of resources (commercial use of the waste product CO2 to manufacture innovative materials, use of sustainable raw material, and formation of hydrogen from renewable sources) and protection of climate and environment (reduction of NOx, carbon dioxide) are relevant.

Both institutes are connected by intense and long-term collaborations. Thus, several professors of Rostock University (U. Kragl, P. Langer, A. Schulz, R. Ludwig) are associated at LIKAT and run a part of their research there. On the other hand, certain scientists of LIKAT are also appointed as professors at Rostock University (M. Beller, A. Brückner, H. de Vries, U. Rosenthal). Cross-linking between the FMN, AUF and LIKAT and other institute is realised by the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research, Department Life, Light & Matter (LLM).

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