Virtual Winterschool 2021

RoHan Virtual Winter School 2021

“Trends and Challenges in Sustainable Chemistry”

in lieu of the RoHan Summer School 2021

Date and Time: 07th and 08th December 9-12 am CET

The event is free of charge,

Registration and Plattform  HERE !


Tuesday 7th December

09:00    Udo Kragl (UR, Germany) – Welcome

09:05    Le Minh Thang (HUST, Vietnam) - GeViCat and RoHan Graduate School: Past, Present and Future

09:20    Christopher Rüger (UR, Germany) – Thermal analysis mass spectrometry in the framework of recycling and circular economy

09:40    Trinh Xuan Dai (VNU-HUS, Vietnam) - Fabrication of catalytic membrane based of CuO/UiO-66 supported on  polymeric membrane applied to organic contaminant removal from aqueous phase

10:00    Osama El-Sepelgy (LIKAT, Germany) - Sustainable synthesis using base-metal catalysis and visible light

10:20    Break

10:30    Stefanie Tschierlei (Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany) – Investigation of Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction

10:50    Nguyen Van Chuc (HUST, Vietnam) - The influence of triphenylphosphine trisulfonate (TPPTS) ligands on the catalytic activity of the supported ionic liquid phase catalysts on SiO2 and TiO2 support for the hydroformylation of ethylene

11:10     Tuan Thanh Dang (VNU-HUS, Vietnam) – Efficient Cu-catalyzed synthesis of bis(3-indolyl)methanes using indoles and alcohols under mild condition: From homogeneous catalysis to heterogeneous catalysis 

11:30     SDG GS Alliance Lecture: Bettina Schorr (trAndeS, Free University of Berlin, Germany) - Critical discussion of the concept of sustainable development


Wednesday 8th December

9:00      Chia Poh Wai (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu) - An Efficient Synthesis of Bisphenols using Water Extract of Onion Peel Ash

9:20      Nguyen Xuan Viet (VNU-HUS, Vietnam) - Highly sensitive and selective nitrite sensor base on graphene nano-sheet modified pencil graphite electrode

9:40      Tran Thi Thu Hien (HUST, Vietnam) - Determination of the potential byproduct in the toluene oxidation process by CuMnOx catalyst

10:00    Stefan Jopp (University of Rostock, Germany) - Carbohydrate based ionic liquids as Green Alternatives to established ILs

10:20    Break

10:30    Paul Hünemörder (LIKAT, Germany) - Artificial Metalloenzymes for Asymmetric Allylic Substitution Reactions 

10:50    Tu Hong Anh Ngo (VNU-HUS, Vietnam) - Removal of organic pollutants in water using Graphene oxide - Titanium dioxide nanoparticles incorporated thin film composite Polyamide membranes

11:10    Trinh Quang Thang, Victor (A* Singapore, Singapore) - Applications of metal oxide catalysts in biomass conversion

11:30    Invitation to the Virtual GeViCat Centre at “Gathertown” - Network meeting, Poster Discussion,Highlight Presentations: Scientific Integrity and the Seven Deadly Sins in Academic Practice; Sustainable Chemistry and Circular economy - impacts to the SDGs


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