Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Lien

Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Lab. of Petrochemical and Catalysis Adsorption Materials,

Dept. of Organic synthesis and Petrochemical Technology,

School of Chemical Engineering,

Hanoi, Vietnam.

Email: lien.nguyenhong[at]  

Main current Research interests:

  1. Valorisation of waste glycerol from biodiesel production (synthesis of glycerol tert butyl ethers, additives for fuels,...).
  2. Catalytic hydrodechlorination for the treatment of chlorinated organic compounds.
  3. Photocatalytic treatment of heavy metals and organic compounds in waters.
  4. Advanced materials for heavy metals monitoring in water environment.
  5. Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for the production of fuels.

Selected publications (max. three):

  1. Luong Xuan Quyen, Pham Cong Dai, Zimmermann Anke, Nguyen Anh Vu, Nguyen Hong Lien, Synthesis of glycerol tert-butyl ethers using Amberlyst 36 as a catalyst, Journal of Science and Technology, 2015, Vol 53, issue 4C, page 125-132.
  2. Nguyen Thi Hai Hung, Nguyen Hong Lien, Nguyen Van Long, Tran Huy Dat, Tran Binh Muoi, Preliminary study on Cr(VI) treatment in waste waters using catalytic reduction method Journal of Science and Technology, 2013, Vol 51 (3B), pages 140-146.
  3. H.L.Nguyen, M. Braun, I. Szaloki, W. Baeyens, R. Van Grieken, M. Leermakers, Tracing the metal pollution history of the Tisza River through the analysis of a sediment depth profile, Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 2009, 200, 119-132.
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