Prof. Michael Nelles

Rostock University

Department of Waste Management and Material Flow

Rostock, Germany


Email: michael.nelles[at]
Webpage: click here


Main current Research interests:

Fundamental and applied aspects of waste management with focus on technological, environmental and economic aspects to mechanical, biological and thermal treatment systems of waste and biomass in different recycling and recovery routes.

Selected publications (max. three):

  1. Nelles, M.; Grünes, J.; Morscheck, G. (2015): Waste Management in Germany – Development to a Sustainable Circular Economy? Abstract in: Dr. Sadhan Kumar Ghosh (Ed.): Resource Efficient Waste Management, Proceedings of the 5th IconSWM 2015, International Conference on Solid Waste Management, 24.-28.11.2015 Bangalore/India, p. 3, ISBN 81-86862-56-0.
  2. Vogel, T., Nelles, M., Eichler-Löbermann, B.: Phosphorus application with recycled products from municipal waste water to different crop species Ecological Engineering, 201583, 466-475.
  3. Janke, L., Leite, A., Batista, K., Weinrich, S., Sträuber, H., Nikolausz, M., Nelles, M., Stinner, W. Optimization of hydrolysis and volatile fatty acids production from sugarcane filter cake: Effects of urea supplementation and sodium hydroxide pretreatment Biores. Techn., 2016, 199, 235-244.
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