Assoc. Prof. Dr.sci Nguyen Xuan Hai

VNU - Hanoi University of Science
Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Email: nguyenxuanhai[at]
Webpage: -


Main current Research interests:

  1. Soil degradation processes
  2. Soil amelioration
  3. Sustainable land use
  4. Material for soil and water pollution with heavy metals treatments

Selected publications (max. three):

  1. Nguyen Xuan Hai, Nguyen Thi Bich Nguyet Effect of Irrigation Regime and Fertilizers to Iron (Fe) Dynamic in Paddy Soil and Rice Yield. American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. Volume 13 Number 10, 2013. p. 1339-1344.
  2. Quyen T.D, Nguyen X.H, Nguyen H.H. Alternate wetting and drying irrigation and dynamics of available nitrogen in paddy soil in the Red River Delta, Vietnam. Ciência e Técnica Vitivinícola Journal, Vol. 31 (n. 11, 2016).
  3. Le Sy Chinh, Mai Trong Nhuan, Nguyen Xuan Hai, Nguyen Thi Hai, Dang Ngoc Thang, Nguyen Tai Giang, Doan Dinh Hung, Nguyen Trung Minh, Nguyen Manh Khai, Tran Dang Quy and Nguyen Thi Hoang Ha. The influence of sodium silicate on removal of heavy metals by iron mine tailing. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. November 2016, Vol. 11  No. 21. P. 12555-12560
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