Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Ha

VNU - Hanoi University of Science
Department of Environmental Technology
Faculty of Environmental Science

Email: nguyenthiha[at]
Webpage: click here


Main current Research interests:

  1. Chemical engineering for wastewater and solid waste treatment
  2. Principles, mechanism, and kinetics of pollutant removal
  3. Separation techniques to recover the valuable materials from waste materials

Selected publications (max. three):

    1. Nguyen Thi Ha, Nguyen Hoang Hai, Nguyen Minh Hieu, Le Quynh Dung, Tran Thi Thu Huong. Preparation of nano zero-valent iron by sono-electrodeposition and use for nitrate reduction in water treatment. Seeing at the Nanoscale VIII, the eighth annual scientific conference focusing on nanostructural imaging, characterization, and modification using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and related techniques, form August 30th to September 1st, Basel, Switzerland 2010.
    2. Do Dang Hung, Vo Thanh Vinh, Nguyen Thi Ha. Study on thermal decomposition of 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid in contaminated soil in the presence of nano-sized Cu0 Journal of Science and Technology 53 (3A) (2015), 319-324.
    3. Anh Van Ngo, Ha Thi Nguyen, Chieu Van Le, Rajeev Goel, Mitsuharu Terashima & Hidenari Yasui. A dynamic simulation of methane fermentation process receiving heterogeneous food wastes and modeling acidic failure. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, DOI 10.1007/s10163-015-0462-z.
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