Cooperation partner in Hanoi

Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)... one of the biggest universities of technology in Vietnam and ranks among the top three of all universities in Vietnam. In 2014, HUST was recognized as the first university of Vietnam. HUST is also the first in the innovation index in Vietnam. Catalysis research at HUST is a strong field of study. Its quality belongs to the best amongst other institutions studying on catalysis in Vietnam.

Vietnam National University – Hanoi University of Science (VNU-HUS)...

is an institution with 110 years of tradition and development. Today this university is known as the number one university in Vietnam in the field of basic science. In 2015 VNU-HUS ranked the 1st in Vietnam for international publications. It successfully organized the 46th International Olympiad of Chemistry with 77 countries participated. there are several strong groups that focus on adsorption, catalysis and advance materials issues. Under the umbrella of DAAD, VNU-HUS has organised series of 6 DAAD Summer Schools and International conferences on various topics from catalysis to sustainable development, environmental planning and monitoring and applications.

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