General information

General Informations

For application you are welcome to choose the time frame of stay. But please check the dates with your second supervisor! However we recoomend that you join the groups in Hanoi and Rostock in the beginning of an semester. Please prepare all necessary document carefully. Otherwise your application cannot be considered.

If you were selected : Congratulations, you received a RoHan Scholarship. Now you have to think about the next steps:

Obligate are VISA and ROOM!

1. Apply for a VISA as soon as possible. Please make an appointment with German Embassy immediately after you received the Invitation letter. Please prepare all necessary documents. The exact details/documents you can find on the embassy webside. Most important is the invitation letter from our side with the exact amount (euro) of scholarship funding. For a long term above 3 month you have to contact the embassy via email. Please check the Webpage.

Often the procedure takes 1-2 month! However if you apply early then there should be no problem to receive a VISA.

2. Apply for a room as soon as possible! Please start the search immediately when you have Invitation letter. Often it is better if you can start your time in Germany from 1st April or 1st October. At this time the Summer semester starts and it is easier to find a room in a student domitory. NOTE: Postdocs are not allowed to stay in student dmitory.

For application in a student domitory from the university: Fill information in link:

Or public company called WIRO:

Or ask Vietnamese community in Rostock

IMPORTANT: For long term (above 3 month) it is mandatory to have an contact adress /room contract (later for bank account and the enroll)


-      Short time (1/3 months) staying in LIKAT: You get a check, bring it to the Bank with your passport and receive the scholarship

-      Short time (1/3 months) staying at the University of Rostock: We will pay the scholarship in cash from your supervisor.

 Room contract/Bank account

-      For long term stay you need a bank account. However for the bank account you need a room contract. The salary will be transfer to this account every month. Then you can pay the insurance, buy a sim Card, preparing the enrollment, extend visa...


-      Short term: you can buy it in Vietnam 

-      Long term: you are not allowed to by German insurance AOK because of new policy, you can buy Mawistar, AG... then bring it to AOK to have confirmation letter from them that you have insurance in Germany. After that, you can bring your insurance and confirmation letter to Uni for Enrollment or for the extention resident time in Germany.


Short term scholarship holders (1-3 month) should publish a short report (2 pages) and send to both supervisors in Rostock and Hanoi.

Master students (6 month) should publish their Master thesis in English and send to both supervisors in Rostock and Hanoi. The results should be published (if possible) in an english speaking international peer reviews ISI journal (1 publication).

Postdoc should submit a minimum of 1 publication to an english speaking international peer reviews ISI journal. A short report of max. 10 pages should be submitted afterwards to  both supervisors in Rostock and Hanoi.

Full Phds should submit at least 1 publications during their studies. The PhD thesis and defence should be in English.
A short report should be submitted every half a year to both supervisors in Rostock and Hanoi.

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