Dr. David Linke

Head of Department “Catalyst Discovery and Reaction engineering”

Email: david.linke[at]catalysis.de
Webpage: click here


Main current Research interests:

  1. High-throughput technologies for developing gas-phase processes (catalyst synthesis, lab reactor design, software for experimental design & data evaluation)
  2. Mechanisms of catalytic reactions
  3. Development of kinetic models
  4. Understanding of deactivation phenomena
  5. Catalyst development for gas-phase processes, such as
  6. Carbonylation reactions (from Fischer-Tropsch to olefin carbonylation with CO2)
  7. Selective oxidations
  8. Oxidative and non-oxidative dehydrogenation reactions
  9. Selective hydrogenation of dienes and alkynes
  10. Metathesis for propylene production
  11. DeNOx

Selected publications (max. three):

  1. E.V. Kondratenko, M. Schlüter, M. Baerns, D. Linke, M. Holena, Developing catalytic materials for the oxidative coupling of methane through statistical analysis of literature data, Catalysis Science & Technology, 5 (2015) 1668–1677.
  2. T. Otroshchenko, S. Sokolov, M. Stoyanova, V.A. Kondratenko, U. Rodemerck, D. Linke, E.V. Kondratenko, ZrO2-based alternatives to conventional propane dehydrogenation catalysts: active sites, design and performance, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 54 (2015) 15880-15883.
  3. S.A. Mavlyankariev, S.J. Ahlers, V.A. Kondratenko, D. Linke and E. V. Kondratenko, Effect of Support and Promoter on Activity and Selectivity of Gold Nanoparticles in Propanol Synthesis from CO2, C2H4 and H2 ACS Catalysis, 6 (2016) 3317-3325.
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