Bilateral RoHan - YaBiNaPA Workshop

Virtual RoHan - YaBiNaPA Bilateral Workshop


“From Biomass to Application

30th of June 2021, 9-11.30 am CET




Wednesday 30th June

09:00     Prof. Udo Kragl, Dr. Dirk Hollmann, Dr. Esteban Mejía - How chemistry can help to achieve the long-term sustainable development goals

09:20     Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Mai - Isolation of cellulose from rice straw and its application in regenerated cellulose films (HUST, Vietnam)

09:40     Felix Unglaube – From rice husk to advanced catalysts - a fast forward approach (LIKAT, Rostock)

10:00     Prof. Bruno Lenta, Prof. Norbert Sewald - The contribution of YaBiNaPA to the bioresources valoriaztion in Cameroon: Case of medicinal plants (Uni Bielefeld)

10:20     Dr. Georges Bellier Tabekoueng - Nauclea species for the improvement of the life quality of the population in Cameroon 

10:40     Dr. Billy Tchegnitegni Toussie - Study of Chemical constituents of Sansevieria trifasciata Prain (Dracaenaceae) and evaluation of their cytotoxic activity against CCRF leukemic cells

11:00     Dr. Aaron Hernandez Santana - Insight into the world of plant extracts (Martin Bauer Group)



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